Psychotherapy for Children

I believe that a good therapeutic relationship between the child and the therapist is central to the work. Within a trusting, safe, warm and nurturing environment, I am to create a space to help children express and make sense of difficult or powerful feelings that are troubling them or causing them to feel isolated or stuck. Once these scary feelings can be looked at, understood and managed often children can begin to let go of old coping strategies that may be holding them back.

Play is a powerful form of communication which can enable children to express their psychological issues. I offer a play arts based approach using sand-tray work with miniature figures and animals, clay, paint as well as puppets.

Through my work in nursery and primary schools, I saw how this child-led therapy gave children and parents the support to put their feelings into words and resolve issues like bullying, school refusal, anxiety, emotional and behaviour problems, loss, insomnia, depression and so on, that could otherwise cause mounting distress and difficulties. In under 5’s, I can help where there are struggles in the parent-infant relationships and support the development of satisfying and secure attachments.