How I work

Initially, I offer an assessment which may last upto 1.5 hrs. Sometimes we may meet more than once before deciding whether to begin therapy or not. The assessment will provide an opportunity to consider the best way forward. It will also inform me if I need to refer your child to another professional who specialises in what I believe would help your child. If we agree to work together, I would meet with your child once a week for 50 minutes on an agreed day and time.

The establishment of regular sessions is important. This regularity will help your child with a sense of security and continuity whilst we work on his/her difficulties together.

How long does it take?

Understandably, as a parent, you would like to know how long therapy will last-this is difficult to predict. Some focused difficulties are more suitable for short-term therapy, which usually lasts 12 weeks; other difficulties are more suitable for long-term therapy. We can discuss which option will suit your child best at the initial consultation.