Psychotherapy for Adolescents

Young people who struggle to understand and express their feelings, who often find ways of coping that can confuse and challenge adults in their lives.

When working with adolescents, I temper empathy with honesty and a bit of straight talk. Some young adults prefer just talking about their feelings and thoughts, while others like to experiment with art materials, clay, movement or sound. Whatever their difficulties are, I tailor my approach to the individual and work with their strengths.

I am able to help young people who are feeling depressed, angry or anxious, who suffer from insecurity and lack confidence, who have eating disorders or self-harm, loss and bereavement, parental separation and divorce.

Through our developing therapeutic relationship, we can explore what is making the young person unhappy, help them rediscover their own resources and embrace life in a new way. Working through issues in this way can lead to a greater self-awareness and new ways of thinking, relating and behaving.